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By Firdous Saeed   |   Wednesday, 20 March 2019

I have gathered few points to help you understand the significance of a branding expert & graphic designer in your business.


branding process matters

Branding is a lot more than just a logo. Branding can decide the success of your brand. If you have strong products but your visual appearance is poor, then your brand image will not emerge strongly. As a brand stylist I start my branding process by building a brand mood board to get inspired from. My Branding process involves key elements that clearly defines your target audience. Branding Strategies helps in brand positioning and productive future endeavors of your business. I make sure to use the elements and strategies that best fits your venture!



Using common fonts that are already installed on your computer makes the design look boring. It also makes your design weak in terms of brand elements. The designs with normal text styles can be easily replicated and will give less exquisite look.

As a brand stylist, I make sure to use premium and licensed fonts that are not available with every other person. I buy them from top-selling font websites. These fonts are expensive and makes your brand emerge with its modern and elegant look. See the photos and look how much distinction just a text style can make!



Color Calibration is very essential in design. You can not use the same design for both Print & Web. The colors you see on-screen are entirely different from the colors that you see in your printed material. As a Creative Designer I can understand the technicalities of Web Friendly and Print Friendly Colors.  If you’re planning to make a logo on your own, remember that you can not match your print colors and web colors without understanding the difference between them. That’s why you need a Professional Designer!



There are several mobile and web applications that allow you to simply drag and drop the designing elements and create your choice of illustrations. These applications have built in templates for you to use and there are millions of people utilizing them which is great. But remember that these applications can not comprehend your branding needs and your ideal visual outcomes. Also, think about the templates that are easily available to everyone and you can not make your brand stand out because there will always be someone else working on the same template. You need a Creative Designer who can start building your brand from scratch. It’s best to let one designer do majority of your designing tasks so that all visuals are streamlined and organized according to your brand image. These applications do not offer same template and theme for all your stationery such as Logo, Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Social Media Templates, Website, Blog etc. That is why you need a Designer!



Hiring a Brand Stylist will let you focus on other aspects of growing your business and thinking big. As a brand stylist I will make sure to bring your visions to life and make you feel confident about your brand. You can completely rely on a brand stylist knowing that the visual appearance of your brand will be unique and strategically laid out to fulfill your business goals. Even if you have already started your business, you can still focus on hiring a graphic designer who can do re-branding for you. This will make your reputation consistent and in return your customers will become brand loyal. Hiring a brand stylist is an investment and one that is proven to have great returns. 

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